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Twinkle Pop


      Twinkle Pop E-I-E-I-O is a collection of 33 children's songs and folk songs from the United States and around the world, and mash-ups, using each song in different combinations with others. The songs are arranged in progressive order, starting with high second fingers and no slurs, through various slurred and hooked bowings, low second fingers, high third fingers, and low first finger. All pieces remain in first position. Mash-ups are for 2-4 violins while the individual songs are for solo violin. Each children's song and folk song includes a brief history of the song and lyrics. Students are encouraged to also sing the songs.

      There are brief "Theory" sections which introduce basic elements of music: major, minor and pentatonic scales, compound meter, motif, consonances and dissonances. Basic composition techniques such as retrograde, inversion, augmentation and diminution are discussed. Students are encouraged to submit their own mash-ups online for feedback and suggestions.

       The literature is designed to supplement methods currently in use, such as the first two volumes of the Suzuki Method or Essential Elements, while also providing opportunities to learn about music theory and composition. The colorful graphics are designed to engage the student's interest and imagination.

Sample Pages                       Audio Sample

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