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Your students will love playing this new arrangement for three violas of one of the first concertos every violist studies. Very few students have the opportunity to perform the work with orchestra. Keyboard accompaniment provides the melodic lines and harmonies, but it is not the same feeling as performing with a string ensemble. Hearing the individual parts adds to the ensemble experience. This arrangement for three violas is designed to provide this ensemble experience. It is intended for three students all working on the Telemann Concerto. The Viola I part is the solo viola part as it appears in the original, with bowings, fingerings and cadenzas provided by the arranger. The Viola II part consists mostly of the orchestra ripieno part, with the melody in tutti sections and contrapuntal lines with the Viola I part. The Viola III part is provides the bass line and includes melodic lines as well. By learning and playing all three parts, students become familiar with how the solo part relates to the orchestra. Students learn to listen more carefully to the orchestra lines, developing a better sense of ensemble. By playing all parts, students develop a more complete sense of the concerto. Professionals will also have fun with this arrangement. A new approach to teaching the Telemann Concerto! 

Telemann Viola Concerto for Three Violas

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