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This arrangement of “Pomp and Circumstance” contains both the opening march and the trio “Graduation” march. The “Graduation March” can be performed by itself as a stand-alone piece. The arrangement is designed to be played by a multi-level string ensemble, ranging from beginners through advanced players. The “Twinkle” violin, viola, and cello parts consist entirely of open strings. The repeated patterns allow the parts to be learned by rote. These parts are optional and may be excluded if beginning students are not involved in the performance. The “Advanced Violin” part extends to fourth position and involves advanced rhythms and bowings. While the performance is enhanced by using this part, it may be excluded if there are no players in the group on that level. The other string parts remain in first position, with a fourth-finger extension to “c” on the “e” string in the first violin part. While the parts include some difficult chromatics and rhythms, they are designed to be performed by intermediate-level string players. A piano part has been included and is optional in performance. The bass part is also optional. This publication includes a complete orchestral score and one copy of each part: Advanced Violin, Violin I, Violin II, Violin III (Viola Treble Clef), Twinkle Violin, Viola, Twinkle Viola, Cello, Twinkle Cello, Bass, and Piano. Extra parts are available for purchase. Total work is approximately 6 1/2 minutes in length.

Pomp and Circumstance March for Multi-Level String Orchestra

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