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Just in time for Halloween! One of the most beloved scary classical pieces, made even more famous by Fantasia 2. This arrangement is for multi-level string orchestra, allowing beginners to play with advanced players.Twinkle parts for violin, viola, and cello consist entirely of open strings and can be learned by rote. Other parts remain in first position with the exception of the optional Advanced Violin part, which goes into fifth position. Violin Book 1 part is designed for students working in Suzuki Violin School, Book 1. Many of the parts are challenging note-wise, with chromaticism and a wide variety of finger patterns. Your students will be challenged, but will find this arrangement both playable and exciting. All the main themes are present. Perfect for Halloween concerts. Piano part included for rehearsal purposes but may also be used in performance. Approximately 5:45 in length.

Night on Bald Mountain for Multi-Level String Orchestra

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