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    The five spirituals and dances are arrangements for multi-level violin ensemble of five movements from Samuel Coleridge-Taylor’s 24 Negro Melodies for solo piano. The five movements included are “Wade in the Water,” “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child,” “Deep River,” “My Lord Delivered Daniel,” and “Bamboula.” This instrumental setting preserves the energy and warmth of the original. Expose your students to this important style of American Music. Each movement contains a brief description as well as illustration.

      The violin parts include Advanced Violin, Violin I, Violin II, Violin Book 1, and Twinkle Violin. Since note reading and ensemble playing pose additional challenges, I have made the Twinkle Violin part quite basic, with an emphasis on open strings and basic rhythmic patterns. The Violin Book 1 part is more challenging, designed for players who have finished or about to finish Suzuki Violin School, Book 1. The Advanced Violin part occasionally extends to fifth position, while the Violin I part remains mainly in first Position, with only and occasional use of third position. Violin II remains in first position. The Advanced Violin part is optional. It may be omitted, replace the Violin I part, or both Advanced Violin and Violin I parts may be used, depending on the needs and level of your group. 6 of each part have been included. The entire suite totals 12 ½ minutes.

Five Spirituals and Dances for Violin Ensemble by Samuel Coleridge Taylor

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