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Finally, cadenzas for Mozart Violin Concerto No. 3 that students on that level can play. This concerto is one of the earliest classical concertos many students study. This concerto is a wonderful learning tool, providing all the aspects of a classical concerto, on a technical level appropriate for high school violinists. However, most of the cadenzas written for this concerto demand a much higher keve of technical skill. Students either give up on the cadenzas, performing only the Concerto, or have an otherwise strong performance marred by a weaker performance of the cadenza.


These cadenzas are designed to be performed by a high school student on the appropriate skill level. They are lyrical and still provide challenging double stops and passage work, keeping the student's interest. However they are not so difficult that the student gives up. We hope this will be a useful addition to the repertoire.

Cadenzas for Mozart Violin Concerto No. 3

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